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PLS Alliance Inc is a committed web site that “Strictly Practices” as “The Privacy to The Privacy” i.e. will protect your “Privacy”. Our “Privacy Policy” is straightforward and crystal clear. In brief, any information submitted by you to us will remain absolutely “Private” and will not be shared with third-parties. This “Privacy Statement” applies to the website If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us by one of the following methods:

  • Send an email to
  • Call:
  • Mail us at PLS ALLIANCE INC, Attention: Privacy Statement Division, 3775 Beacon Ave # 204, Fremont, CA, 94538. USA.

Disclosure about the Holding Company Privacy Policy:

This website (the "Site") i.e. (PLSAI) is owned and operated by PLS Alliance Inc. PLS Alliance Inc has registered with and is governed by the Laws of the State of California. If you have any questions about the legal entity please contact the California Secretary of State at 1500, 11th Street Sacramento, California 95814, 916-653-6814 or you can visit their website i.e.

For further clarification, this “Statement” also describes’s (PLSAI) collection, use, and disclosure practices with respect to any “Personally Identifiable Information” and “Usage Data” (as defined below) that is provided or submitted to the

This “Statement” does not describe’s (PLSAI) collection of information or use and disclosure of information acquired through means other than by this Site (e.g., off-line) or the collection, use and disclosure practices of any affiliate, third-party distribution partner or other third parties such as listing agents, selling agents, financial institutions, property managers, advertisers, brokers, forums, feed backs, third party paid and unpaid users, offerings or public users of the PLS Alliance (PLSAI) website or services etc. For information about “Third Party” collection of information or their use and disclosure practices, please review the privacy policy on the applicable third party's website. Also, please note that this Site contains links to other websites. (PLSAI) is not responsible for the content of such websites or the privacy practices of any third party.

Global Policy WEBSITE Disclosure and Disclaimer: “Servers Globally” and each “Geographic Area” are owned and operate independently. Please contact your “Local Geographical Agency” for your local rules, regulations and privacy policy of website.

Global Sharing Disclosure and Disclaimer:

Any listings posted on by any geographical user, will become a “Global Listings” and shares with all “Geographical Areas Community”.

Privacy Statement:

This “Privacy Statement” covers the website only. By visiting, using, navigating, accessing, referring, registering or sending an enquiry to the PLS Alliance’s web portal by any user, such user acknowledges, accepts and agrees to PLS Alliance’s Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions. Further, by using this web site you are giving irrevocable consent and approval to PLS Alliance to collect, store, use and disclose your personal information. Information considered as Private will NOT be shared or used except as permitted herein, without the user’s permission. The collection of such personal information by PLS Alliance is necessary to provide the highest and best quality of service.


This Privacy Policy Statement is effective upon use of the Site for new users and is otherwise effective as of Jan 1st 2018.

Information Collected by PLS Alliance

  • Collection of Passive Information Collections (PIC) or General Information (GI).
  • PIC is general information what we collect when the browser navigates the website without revealing or providing the personal or confidential information. PLS Alliance (PLSAI) collects this information from the user whenever the user navigates the website and such information is collectively called Passive Information Collections (PIC) or General Information (GI), which includes offerings, services, products, adding, editing, exchanges, opinions, opportunities, surveys, demographics, band width, traffic, locations, area, network sources such as Internet Protocol, Internet service provider, web access, and statistics on the page etc.
  • Collection of Active Information Collections. (AIC) or Personal Identifiable Information (PII)
  • This is individual or organizational information that has to be given by the user in order to render, receive or utilize the PLS Alliance (PLSAI) web service. Such service may vary from person to person, location to location, user to user and such information is collectively called Personal Identifiable Information (PII) or Active Information Collections (AIC). We collect information from you of the followings such as your name, physical address, contact numbers, email addresses, reason for using the web services, nature of the business, nature of the products, nature of services, financial information such as bank information, credit card/ debit card information, service, offering, license information, selling, buying, marketing, and content, promotions, photos, audios, videos, requests, etc.

Methods of collections:

Passive Information Collection: (PIC)

Cookies: Cookies are small text files written on your computer's hard drive that contains your information. We use both persistent cookies and session cookies. The session cookies are not stored your computer and expire as soon as you close the browser whereas the persistent cookies will remain on your hard disk. COOKIES DO NOT CONTAIN ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION OF THE USER AND WE DO NOT STORE ANY PII SUBMITTED BY YOU. For the best functionality and service offered by our website you may need use the cookies. If you opt out / take out the cookies, our site may not work up to the best standards.

Web Beacons: Web beacons are also called web bugs or pixel tags, internet tags, clear graphic interchange formats, or single-pixel graphic interchange formats which are electronic graphic images placed in the website or email. We use this information to monitor the experience and behavior of the users.

IP Address Logs: PLS Alliance also collects logs of internet protocol (IP) addresses – the physical location of your computer on the internet, internet service provider (ISP) addresses, and system address etc.

Active Information Collection: (AIC)

This information is provided by you when the user registers / posts/ uploads/ edits /market the products etc, while using the PLS Alliance services.

How we use the Collected Information

The foremost important reason for collecting the personal information is to understand the user’s behaviors, requirements, needs and also to improve the “Products and Services” what we are delivering through our website. By registering, sending, using, or contacting an enquiry for any purpose, you are accepting all the Terms and Conditions of PLS Alliance (PLSAI) and you are giving an irrevocable consent to PLS Alliance (PLSAI) to use such information for the following purposes:

  • Administrative, Analytical, Research, and Optimization etc.
  • Development purposes and to inform the advertisers and partners in aggregate and anonymous terms about consumers who click on their advertising or promotions or offerings.
  • For Systems Administration and Trouble shooting purposes.
  • Promotional materials, marketing material, Bulletins, Alerts and reports, and customer support you request etc., if the user has opted to receive such communication.
  • Financial information is used to bill the users for the services and products purchased.
  • Exchanging of information between the parties such as Buyer / Seller / Home Owner / Broker / Intermediary along with your content or message typed by you. This allows the other party to contact you to exchange the needs or services etc.
  • To prevent all illegal activities or illegal usage, and to enforce our Terms and Conditions;

Tools for the collections:


PLS Alliance (PLSAI) allows the user to send an Email of certain pages from the site to a friend or a third party. If you opt for use of the Email or make a request to the third party or refer friend page functionality, your name, email address, your IP address and any message you are allowed to include will be visible to the recipient of the email. The Email of an advertisement or making a request to the third party or refer friend functionality is for informational purposes only and may not be used for any unlawful purpose, including any harassment or threats. We may monitor, track or save the use of this feature, but will be under no obligation to monitor, track or save these email messages sent from these tools. If you send an email using the Email advertiser, to make a request to the third party or refer to friends and such email address is not registered in our system and we do not use that email address for any purpose other than to send your email; we automatically send your friend a one-time email inviting him or her to visit the site. PLS Alliance (PLSAI) stores such information for the sole purpose of sending this one-time email and for tracking the success of our referral program. We also do not rent or sell the email addresses of either Registered or Unregistered users.

Additional Information given by the “User”

PLS Alliance (PLSAI) offers some services on the sites and depending the service you requested from us or use on the PLS Alliance (PLSAI) portal services such as name, email address, physical address as locations etc., contact numbers such as office numbers, fax numbers etc, property information such as year of built, bedrooms, lease, foundation, utilities information, model, and all other silent features of property etc and financial information including the bank or credit card details, purpose and intentions of the usages, services / offering provided by you including your marketing materials, your photos, audio clips, video clips and other supplemental information.

Voice Mail:

PLS Alliance offers a Voice Mail service to some or for all users / advertiser. This service allows the users to contact the advertisers or offeror to contact by Voice Mail. “Customer Identifiable Information” (CII) is information which can be associated with a specific Voice Mail given by an individual or entity representative, including, but not limited to, a person name, address, call back number, e-mail address, and information about your interest on getting a further information that are directly linked to them.

Text a Messages:

  • PLS Alliance (PLSAI) offers some users the ability to send Text Messages to those who have opted to receive such messages. Such functionality is for informational purposes only and may not be used for any unlawful purpose, including harassment or threats etc. We do not monitor this functionality; however if you do not want to receive any more messages you can login in to your account and opt out.
  • If you send or receive text messages, the third party will know your contact information which may also be associated with financial or billing information; the potential user can opt out of such services by logging into the portal.

Photo/ Audio Tapes /Video Tapes:

  • PLS Alliance (PLSAI) offers some users the ability to send or receive Photos, Audio Tapes and Video Tapes. Such functionality is for informational purposes only and may not be used for any kind of unlawful, abusive, controversial, harassing or threatening behavior. We do not monitor all of this functionality; however if you do not want to send or receive such photos, audio tapes or video tapes, please login in your account and opt out.
  • The sending or receiving of Photos Audio Clips /Video Clips will allow the third party to store your Photos / Audio Tapes / Video Tapes. We do not represent, warrant or guaranty that the third party will not misuse such Photos / Audio Tapes / Video Tapes. The potential user can opt out of such service by logging in to the portal.


The PLS Alliance (PLSAI) Site contains some Links to other sites. However we strongly recommend that our business partners adopt “Privacy Policies” that build users' trust and confidence in the Internet. PLS Alliance (PLSAI) is not responsible for the “Privacy Practices” or the content of websites Linked to the Site or any third-party products or services offered through the Site.

PLS Alliance Disclosure of Your Personal Information:

PLS Alliance (PLSAI) may disclose your Personal or Confidential Information to our Legal Department to ensure and enforce our policies, and for use in responding to your claims that any Content, Audio or Video infringes other party’s rights, privacy or safety.

How We Share Information

We are committed to keeping your information absolutely private; however PLS Alliance (PLSAI) will share your information in the following situations:


  • iIf we need to reveal your Personal Information for the safety and benefit of the Community or Society or if we receive any judicial request with sufficient proof.
  • If we need to disclose personal information when required by law wherein we have a good faith belief that such action is necessary to comply with a current judicial proceeding, a court order or legal process served on our site.
  • Under certain circumstances we may be legally required to disclose information collected on the Site to Law Enforcement, Government Agencies or other Third Parties. We “Reserve” the “Right to Disclose Information” to our service providers and to Law Enforcement or Government Agencies where a formal request is made such as in response to a court order, subpoena or judicial proceeding or where we believe in good faith that disclosure of information is necessary to prevent imminent physical or financial harm, loss, or to protect against illegal activity on the Site.

Among the Members:

  • If you register as a prospective buyer on the site and you opt to send your request to the third party, such third party may be the seller, broker, home owner, advertiser, contactors and other intermediaries etc. that will provide additional information or services.
  • If you are register as broker or seller or home owner interested in selling your property or interested in offering services to the public and you have posted your information regarding the business, services in the form of written / photo/ graphics/ audio/video marketing material, such information will be made available to the public.
  • If you register as an intermediary such as lender/ escrow/ attorney/ CPA or other intermediary professional and are interested in marketing your services or products to the public or prospects, we will display YOUR ELECTED MARKETING MATERIAL ONLY. We may share your information with prospects that want to receive updates on a periodic basis. All the shared information is based on “Your Opted” functions only.
  • If you register as a banner advertiser to promote your business to the public who are interested to receive you offers or services, we will display YOUR ELECTED MARKETING MATERIAL ONLY. We will NOT share your information with any prospects at any time except with PLS Alliance (PLSAI) and its subsidiary company which may contact you with their promotions and offers.

Among the Non Members:

If you are not a registered user and you use the website for the benefit of yourself or some one else and decide to send an email to a friend about the Site, refer this site to others, or forward a particular property acquiring opportunity, we request that you to submit some mandatory information before doing so. Such mandatory information will be passed on to the third party. We ask for such mandatory information only one time and do not share this information with any third parties for their promotional purposes. We store the information so that we can monitor and assess the effectiveness of our referral program.

Between Non Members to Members:

If you are not a registered user and you use the website for the benefit of yourself or some one else and decide to send additional information to the advertiser, we request that you to submit some “Mandatory Information” before doing so. Such “Mandatory Information” will be passed on to the advertiser or third party. We ask for such “Mandatory Information” only one time and do not share this information with any third parties for their promotional purposes. We store the information so that we can monitor and assess the effectiveness of our referral program.

Mandatory Sharing:

In order to fulfill the services provided by PLS Alliance (PLSAI) we might need to share your “Personal Information” with our service providers as is necessary.


We post users testimonials such as comments, tributes, achievements, recommendations, truths, facts etc/ on our web site and such postings may contain “Personally Identifiable Information” such as the customer's name, contact information, graphics, photos, audio messages, video clips etc. We obtain the customer's consent and approval before posting such testimonials.


PLS Alliance (PLSAI) offers the ability for users to Post Comments or Feedback on the Site which will be openly available to the public. The user MUST be aware that any “Personal Information” posted by you on the Feedback may result in unsolicited messages such as email, text, mms and telephone calls. We are NOT responsible for such information; it is the user’s responsibility to decide what you want to post on the Site.


PLS Alliance (PLSAI) offers a “Blog Page” to users and in such “Blog Page” the posted information will be openly available to the public. The user MUST be aware that any “Personal Information” posted by you on the Blog may result in unsolicited messages such as email, text, mms and telephone calls. We are NOT responsible for such information; it is the user’s responsibility to decide what you want to post on the Site.


PLS Alliance (PLSAI) offers “Forums” to users and in a “Forum Page” the posted information will be openly available to the public. The user MUST be aware that any “Personal Information” posted by you on the Forum may result in unsolicited messages / calls. We are NOT responsible for such information; it is the user’s responsibility to decide what you want to post on the Site.


PLS Alliance (PLSAI) works with various Professionals and Affiliates and we offer marketing services to them. These third party sites may collect your “Personal Information” whenever you contact them and the information submitted here is governed by their policy.

Merging and Acquisitions:

PLS Alliance LLC (PLSAI) may undergo Mergers/ Acquisitions/ Selling and Buying of Assets/ Exchange of Stocks etc. In such events your personal information MAY be shared as a part of such transfer to an acquiring company. PLS Alliance (PLSAI) will notify to you before a Merger or Acquisition and the Merger of your “Personal Information” on the site will be governed by this “Privacy Policy”. Further any changes on the “Privacy Policy” due to Merger will be provided to you by the Acquiring Company and PLS Alliance (PLSAI) on the site and/or by email.

Information on/ for the Closing of Accounts:

If you wish to close your account please send an email to We will process your request within a reasonable time frame. Periodically we clean our database and we review all accounts; if any site is not used for a long period we may close the account without further notice. However we will keep the personal information of closed accounts to comply with laws, trouble shooting problems, disputes etc.

Third parties:

Except as otherwise stated and notified in this Privacy Policy, all these pages address only the use and disclosure of information that we collect from you on this site. If you have disclosed your information to others, whether they are Brokers, Buyers, Sellers, Home Owners, Intermediary Professionals, Property Managers, Financial Instructions, Contractor and all other Real Estate Related Professionals etc on our sites or through other websites, different rules will be apply to the usage or disclosure of the information which you disclose to them. PLS Alliance and their subsidiaries do not have any control on the Privacy Policy and methodology of the third parties. Furthermore you will be subject to the Privacy Policy of the third parties where they are applicable.

How to Opt Out/ Delete/ Edit Your Personal/ Account Information:

PLS Alliance uses various methods to communicate with “Free Users and Paid Users”. Any one who registers with PLS Alliance (PLSAI) hereby gives “Irrevocable Consent and Approval” for us to communicate with you via email; PLS Alliance (PLSAI) can also use other communications such as phone, fax, sms, and mms. Such communication may include services, products, updates, financial contacts, payments, content services, audio services, video services, marketing services, opinions, polls, feedbacks etc. PLS Alliance (PLSAI) is committed web sites that respects and honors the user’s request to opt out of services, marketing messages, promotional offers etc, but under “NO” circumstances will PLS Alliance (PLSAI) have any liability as a result of sending any emails/ sms/ mms to its registered users.

Potential users who do not wish to receive any marketing / services / emails / sms / mms etc. from PLS Alliance (PLSAI) or news, alerts, instant alerts, news, business tools, lender tools, payments and any other service offered by PLS Alliance (PLSAI) should login in to your account and opt out those services. By opting out or deleting certain functions, the user may not able to access the site features and functionality up to the full standard available on the website.

Account Protections:

The only way to use our website is through the User Name and Password which are set up by “You” at the time of Registration. Yours User Name and Passwords are case sensitive and you must keep that information HIGHLY confidential. Please do not share that information with others. Any act done by person(s) using your User Name and Password is your responsibility as you are the owner of the account. PLS Alliance (PLSAI) strongly recommends that you monitor your account for unauthorized usage and notify us immediately of any such unauthorized usage.

Security of Account Information:

PLS Alliance (PLSAI) is a committed website that gives the highest and top priority to the “Protection” of a User’s Personal and Confidential Information. PLS Alliance (PLSAI) takes all possible precautions such as (encryptions, passwords etc.) to protect your data on both its computers and in its physical premises.

We use the Secure Socket Layer Technology (SSL) to import your Personal Information to PLS Alliance (PLSAI). Whenever you enter your sensitive information on our website for any kind of service such information will be encrypted by technology called SSL (Secure Socket Layer). To know more about the SSL such as how it works and where it works, and why it is required etc, please click and read more about the SSL.

PLS Alliance (PLSAI) strictly follows the industry accepted standards to protect personal information submitted to us. However there is NO method of security available in the internet world that this is 100% secure and effective and we CANNOT guaranty absolute security.


We DO NOT sell or rent your personal information to any third party for their marketing purpose without your consent and approval. If you have accepted, consented and/or approved the receiving of offers, services or promotions from third party affiliates, we shall share your information with these third parties so they can to provide you with the with the information you have agreed to receive. You will receive marketing communications from us and also from our holding company and its subsidiaries. If you wish do not to receive further marketing materials and marketing commutations from Us and/ or our Holding Company and Its Subsidiaries you can UNSUBSCRIBE or CHANGE your preferences via Email Preference or Text Message preference; link to your account and follow the instructions regarding how to unsubscribe links. As part of our “Service Agreement” and also with “Compliance of the Law” We “Reserve” the “Right to Send” users of the site notifications and administrative emails.

Disclosures on Changes of the Privacy Policy:

If PLS Alliance (PLSAI) decides to change the current Privacy Policy, such changes may due to changes in the functionality or services or other changes opted by the website or holding company and its subsidiary websites, or partner’s websites etc. and such changes or policies will be set forth in appropriate pages so that you can be aware of what are the changes and what information we collect and how we use it etc. PLS Alliance (PLSAI) “Reserves” the “Right to Modify” the Privacy Policy from time to time Without Further Notice. The potential user has to watch frequently for any changes in the policy as set forth in the appropriate pages.

Contact Information:

If you need further information about our Privacy Policy or Privacy Policy related questions, you can contact us by the following methods

  • Email
  • Phone 01-
  • Mail: Attention to PLS Alliance Inc, 3775 Beacon Ave # 204, Fremont, CA. 94538. USA.

This Privacy Policy is effective upon use of the site by new users and is otherwise effective as of Jan 31st 2018.