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PLS Alliance is the premier gateway for real estate brokers, sellers, home owners, property managers, buyers, marketers, professionals, intermediaries and other financial agencies for global community marketing to reach those in the community who need real estate services all over the globe. PLS Alliance is considered a global leader for online real estate marketing covering east to west, north to south. We are the only web portal completing the global community real estate circle.

Ads appearing on the PLS Alliance website are directed toward the all audience. Our brand offers a unique advertising vehicle to reach engaged and passionate users across the globe each and every day.

Simply tell us the type of advisement and promotions you are looking for and the desired location. We will guide you in placing the ads at respected places. Our technology will do the rest by displaying your advertisement to the right seekers while they browse through PLS Alliance.

Benefits of PLS Marketing

  • Drive great traffic to your services or area
  • Leverage the technology to maximize your exposure
  • Get the maximum out of your minimum expenses
  • Virtually no extra work required to start a campaign
  • Automatic optimization and micro-targeting

How it Works

We use a pay-per-click model i.e. you will be billed only if you are exposed.

Our Brand Tells

PLS Alliance delivers exposure and performance you can count on. Our conversion rates are above and beyond the industry standard and our data-driven platform is engineered to give you optimal results.


Every other company says they are the best, but none can prove it. PLS Alliance has a tracking tool that gives you real-time statistics for each of your advertisements.

If you want to know more about our advertisement programs or have further questions on how to place an advertisement, please contact us at or 510-766-2200 and one of our sales executives will contact you.